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On behalf of the Executive steering committee, we would like to invite you to participate at the '4th Middle East Rotating Machinery Technology and Innovation Conference & Showcase'. The event is scheduled to take place on October 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to show itself as an ideal location for the world of business and trade in Middle East.

The upcoming event will gather the technical experts from all over the world to discuss the latest technology related to Rotating Machinery for various Industries and to network with key industry peers. The forum will enhance communication and help in exchanging knowledge between the major stakeholders.

ME RoTIC have significantly propelled itself to be the 4th Rotating equipment technology and innovation conference in Middle East. The event will feature technologies from GCC and all over the world that will help Oil & Gas Producers, Power Generators, Aviation industry etc. to enhance their productivity more effectively in today’s challenges addressing maintenance and reliability areas of machinery. The upcoming event will also include key service providers and engineers involved in equipment design, standards, maintenance and reliability practices that evolves around the rotating equipment prodigy of heavy industries in GCC by providing all-new perspective on the technology and engineering expertise necessary to empower a sustainable outcome for the industry.

ME RoTIC will be a high net worth technical conference with the latest technology & innovations available in the market to showcase the importance of the current need today and to adapt the best practices to benchmark the cost-effective methods that will enlighten the end users and operators. The conference will provide a platform to connect with both regional and international experts, focusing on all aspects of production, manufacturing and processing, entity’s in the world.

We hereby invite you to attend this premier initiative as Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, and contributing delegates to make this a truly valuable exchange for our industry, We look forward in welcoming you...

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A "Must Attend" Premier industrial event in the region.


Expand Your Network

Meet new and existing clients, and access the 'who's who' in the Oil & Gas industry to gain a better understanding of their needs.

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Promote your company and build brand credibility with our extensive marketing and branding opportunities.

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With a focus on key industry stakeholders, find potential customers and increase deal-making opportunities.

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Top Trends In The Industrial Transformation Process.

ME RoTIC gets to the importance of the core values to grip with the key issues and sets new trends.

Innovations Driving the Transformation of Industry

All the key technologies at one venue.

The performance and uptime of heavy rotating equipment play an important role in business profitability in industries such as oil & gas, mining, and chemicals, and in safety for the power generation industry. The major operations in the oil and gas industry depend upon the quality and reliability of rotating equipment and therefore, these machines form an important part of infrastructure. One of the most important metrics used in these operations is return on capital employed, which depends in large part on the availability of rotating equipment

We help connect the dots and let innovation set the standard with some of the breakthrough trends.

Rotating Equipment Technology

- Turbines

- Pumps

- Compressors

- Gearboxes

- Engines

- Centrifuges

- Motors

- Generators

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New Trends in Rotating Machinery Designs, materials

Equipment Specifications, Technology & Performance

Equipment Reliability & Advanced Techniques

Asset Life Assessment, Remaining Life Assessment of Aged Critical machines

Turbomachinery Safeguarding

Safety & Reliability – High Level Learning from Incidents

Basic Care of Dry Gas Seals

High Speed Balancing

Pump Change-Over Philosophies

Inspection & Non-destructive Testing

Equipment Protection & Coating

Engineering Failure Analysis

Maintenance & Repair

Value Based Maintenance

Root Cause Analysis RCA for rotating equipment failure

Common Failure Modes in Reciprocating Compressors

Advance Diagnostics (methodology, instrumentation, equipment, etc.)

Gearbox Condition Monitoring Programs

Lubrication Excellence – Lubrication Management Programs

The application of multi-channel analysis methods, sound source identification, seismic vibration, amplification, etc.

Who will you meet?

Rotating Equipment Engineers

They are the end users of rotating equipments. Who can tell the issues and requirements better than them! Be it for the equipment manufacturers, the R & D professionals or service providers; rotating equipment improvement requirements cannot be better explained by anybody else.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers play a major role in continually evolving the equipments according to the needs of the end user and the industry.

Reliability Professionals

Efficiency of any plants depends on the availability of the equipment with less downtime. A strong reliability team plays a major role to ensure maximum uptime for equipments.

Maintenance professionals

For a longer life of the equipment, proper maintenance is required for the equipments. Without them, the equipment will not run long.

R & D / Scientists / Standards Professionals

They set the standards for the equipment design, technology. They are the ones whose efforts brings in the improvements in the equipments.

Service Providers

Service Providers support the maintenance and repair of the equipment’s thereby improving the performance and uptime of equipments

Latest Technologies from around the Globe at 2019

The Largest Event in the Middleeast for Rotating Machinery held on October 15th - 17th 2019 at Crowne Plaza, Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

“Excellent opportunity to meet with important industry players both regionally and globally, to share views on the evolution, challenges and opportunities of the market, in a broad and structured discussion where the fundamental issues were addressed.”

Roger Ahlin Product Owner

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Participate at the largest technical gathering in Middleeast

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